6 pack shortcuts – Real life results


Before After
Up until 6 months before I started working out my self-esteem was not at its highest due to the way I looked.

  • Looking at the mirror and felling disgraceful was part of my day to day life.
  • I often had to wear special cloths to hide my belly fat
  • I kept looking for excuses for not working out.
My self-esteem sky-rocketed to extreme highs after just 3 months of working out using one of the best fitness programs out there.

  • Looking at the mirror poses only 1 question now: how much better will it get the next 1-2 months?
  • I am not ashamed of my body anymore
  • Nothing seems impossible now. What a great feeling.
Body transformation 1

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Before After
My functional fitness was very weak.

  • I couldn't run or swim for long distances
  • I would struggle to do 20 push-ups
  • Playing long rallies in tennis was impossible without being totally out of breath
Endurance improved significantly.

  • Functional fitness improved significantly
  • 50 push-ups in a weighed vest (extra 10 kilos)
  • Playing tennis or any other game with a lot of movement is very easy now
Body transformation 2

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Touching other people's lives

Before After
Was always passionate about helping other people to develop personally

  • Teaching goal setting and achieving great results never felt 'complete' without getting rid of body fat
  • Had great respect for people with lean muscular bodies
  • Never thought I could allocate a slot of my time for exercising nearly every day
Became even more passionate about developing other people personally

  • Can now talk the talk and walk the walk in the area of personal achievement
  • Have great respect to people who made it possible for me to transform my body
  • Found more ways to spend time more wisely and get more time 'out-of-nowhere'
Body transformation 3

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At the gym

Before After
Not applicable: passing by a local gym I would:

  • wonder what drives those people in the gym, how can they possible 'find' time to exercise?
  • say to myself I could be one of them if only I had enough time and less pressures at work
  • feel guilty deep inside for not being one of them
When I am in the gym:

  • seeing people passing by I ask myself how can they possibly not find time to exercise to change their lives?
  • keep saying thank you to Mike Chang's team and my personal development mentors: Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, and many others.
  • guys often tell me my body transformed completely
Body transformation 4

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Social life

Before After
When socializing I:

  • would have too much wine regularly
  • upon meeting a lean person would always 'remind' myself I don't have so much time to get myself into shape
  • would hate the thought of taking off my shirt when playing tennis or being involved in other sport activities with friends and collegues
When meeting my friends now I:

  • never drink excessively
  • am grateful I stopped generating excuses and took control over my life
  • am always asked to reveal the secret on what I have done to transform my body
Body transformation 5

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