Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Short summary

6 pack shortcuts program helped me lose 15 kilos of fat in about 6 months in addition to building lean muscles and shrinking the core.

The workout plan has printouts, summary sheets, and other materials to make your training a breeze. In addition, the program contains a unique nutrition system that will contribute to your fast progress enormously.

The program is designed by a very talented guy who I respect like crazy for what he has done to change this world to be a better place. He has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people by helping them to gain self-respect and take control back. Take action now and find out more about six pack shortcuts program


  • Delivers amazing results immediately
  • Based on the latest scientific research on losing weight
  • Very well structured and organized
  • Has great online video instructions for each phase
  • Informative - basic fitness concepts explained in a simple way
  • Multi-phased and progressive - smooth transition into getting fit
  • Designed to burn fat and build lean muscles


  • might be a bit intense for some people (but this is the only way to succeed)

Real life results

  • Body transformation 1
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Program structure

  • Phase 1 - Increase your metabolism and build muscles...
  • Phase 2 - Burn body fat, continue boosting your metabolism...
  • Phase 3 - Build core muscles and shock muscles...
  • Phase 4 - Get 6 pack abs and continue building lean muscles...

Real life progress

  • Month 1 - The journey begins! Had to find more time regardless of how busy I was...
  • Month 2 - Joined gym. Due to working out hard and sleep deprivation continue to struggle with recovering...
  • Month 3 - 12 days of non-stop workouts with low repetitions and high weights. Be well prepared for this phase...
  • Month 4 - Results continue to shock myself and people around me. Everyone is shocked! This program rocks!!!

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Program Description
6 pack shortcuts is an amazing program that helped many people around the globe to change their lives. It is one of the best programs out there to get results fast.

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My wife started with this program - it doesn't require any equipment - you don't have to go to gym. Really good way to get started, lose weight, and gain self-respect.

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